Celebrating 50 years of International Engagement

International Agriculture and Rural Development: 1968 - 2018

Please join us in marking 50 years of IARD students traveling abroad


  • IP-CALS Seminar Series highlighting IARD alums and their contributions
  • January 6, 2018: Please join Sathguru and International Progams in the Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences as we celebrate 50 years of the IARD course and its years in India
  • IARD 50th on Facebook

As the bus carries Cornell’s International Agriculture and Rural Development 602 (IARD602) class through the streets of India, Chelsea, a Cornell sophomore, is practicing her Hindi with Satish, an Indian student from Tamil Nadu. They bop to Ed Sheeran on Satish’s mobile phone, one ear bud in his ear, one ear bud in her’s. Shy to use language skills she has been learning at Cornell, Chelsea soon finds herself being tutored by Satish and Tamil Nadu faculty. “Time for your lesson,” they say every day they board the bus. By the end of the second week, the Hindi/English class at the back of the bus has grown into a chattering group of young people. Many are now fast Facebook and WhatsApp friends, and destined for careers in international development careers...[Read More]